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At archipeleco, we strive to use the least damaging material available for the job to minimise the impact on the environment. For example, by specifying wool insulation instead of one of the more conventional insulation materials, we are using a high performance material that is also durable, healthy, benign and biodegradable. archipeleco also specifies materials that will have a beneficial, rather than a detrimental, effect on the people who live and work in their buildings. Conventional paints for example have hundreds of synthetic chemicals in them, some of which have proven health risks.

The buildings that archipeleco create have beautiful, hard wearing natural finishes such as organic paints and floor waxes, thus promoting health and well being. The use of energy in buildings is another issue we address in our work. By judicial placing of a building on the site, the sun's energy can be harnessed to minimise the amount of fossil fuel use, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. archipeleco has expertise in the use of solar panels and other renewable energy technologies, passive solar design and highly efficient heating systems. By careful consideration of these environmental issues, we can create beautiful, healthy buildings that contribute to the well being of both the planet and the people using the building.